A personal trainer is the person who plans your session. Let’s face it, as well as actually doing a training session, who has the time to plan their training, day in day out, to ensure the best results? Surely it’s easier to have a personal trainer who can use their experience and time to plan your session for you.

They are the ones who make sure you don’t take that short cut you’ve suddenly thought is a good idea half way through your session. Even if you plan your own training sessions, how many of us actually have the discipline to stick to them. A personal trainer however will not let you take that short cut. They will adopt their methods of motivation and push you through your session, making sure you stay on track to achieving your goal.

Personal Trainers are the ones who observe your technique and ensure it remains correct, not a lazy modification you have automatically fallen into. Even if you do follow your session, at some point you may switch off. A personal trainer will catch you at this point and throw you back on track.

They are the ones who listen to your complaints about how cruel the world is when you’re tired. Training is tough, there are no two ways about it. During training you will meet some sides of you that you never knew you had. Throughout this process your trainer will be there right by your side to manage you through the tough times.

Personal trainers are the ones to blame when things don’t go to plan. Another cliché of life is that it never goes exactly to plan, despite how good the plan is. In these moments it’s your personal trainers fault, they made you do it, they planned the session. It is nothing to do with you resisting change. It is not a reaction to the stress you’re putting on yourself to push yourself to achieve your goals. Nope, it’s your personal trainers fault! 😉

Personal trainers are the ones who help you every step of the way on your journey towards the goal you set. Aesthetic goals are difficult to achieve, if it was easy there would not be an obesity epidemic and everyone would have the body they dream of. However aesthetic goals are also the most satisfying whether it’s weight loss, fitness, strength or just developing a skill, the results speak for themselves and feel better than you could ever imagine. Nevertheless there are no shortcuts and no quick fixes. Luckily there are people called personal trainers who are prepared to put you through your paces and help you achieve your goals.