The benefits of exercise

FitnessĀ and photography are closely related. One could go as far as saying one of the drivers of the fitness industry is photography used in media and selfies! Without going to extremes here’s a few ideas on how and how not to incorporate photography into your training plan.

You could use photography in fitness is as a tool for motivation. Take a picture before you start your fitness goal, and take a picture after once you have completed your fitness goal and you will have real tangible evidence of the work you have put in.

Another way of using photography in fitness is as a progress monitor. in order to do this you would need to keep a series of pictures over the years. Keep them close and pick them out at uninspired times. They may just keep you going!

Avoid comparing yourself to professional models who’s full time job is to keep in the aesthetic elite. It’s unfair and unrealistic, you are not living the same life and after all, your body is just a reflection of your lifestyle. This is not saying you can’t look aesthetically great, it’s saying to be realistic with yourself.

Avoid taking pictures everyday as it may distract you from what you are actually meant to be doing, working towards your goal. Schedule a photo day, in order to take photo’s and work towards.
Also, don’t let personal trainers take advantage of your IP. One of the biggest forms of advertising for personal training businesses is taking pictures of their clients and posting them on social media. With or without the clients permission. Fitness Solutions does not include this method as it’s discomforting and disrespectful to clients. Despite achieving fitness goals and feeling prideful, it is not the trainers place to start posting pictures on social media. If the client wants to then great stuff, but the majority of people, would prefer their bodies off social media.