There are many reasons to exercise. Both psychological and physical. We are made to move, however in recent times our movement required to survive has been minimized. Here are a few benefits of exercise.

The first psychological benefit is stress relief. Exercising creates physiological reactions to combat stress. These reactions enable us to process the stress in an un-harmful way.  This is a healthy coping mechanism in comparison to other forms of stress relief (i.e. excessive eating or drinking).

The second psychological benefit is an increased in mood. Again this is due to the physiological reactions from exercise. Once you begin exercising your mind will be distracted by the session ahead. More so after a few days you will notice yourself feeling happier.

The third psychological benefit is increased concentration. The physiological reactions clear your mind. This allows you to tackle the day’s activities in a better frame of mind, allowing your productivity to increase.

The first physical advantage of exercising is weight loss. Exercising burns calories. Part of these calories is extracted from your stores of energy (Fat tissue). When repeated these stores are reduced and thus your body weight is reduced.

The second physical benefit of exercising is increased strength. Exercise places stress on your body. Your body reacts by strengthening itself in order to deal with this anticipated stress. This makes you more conditioned to deal with your daily physical activities (i.e. moving suitcases).

Hopefully these 5 benefits motivate you to get into an exercise routine. In order to lead a healthier lifestyle.