How to eat

One thing to bear in mind when thinking about healthy eating is the NHS guidelines. Personally I stick to natural foods. I do not believe in supplements and think natural food is the way forward. Other blogs actively promote supplements selling you a product not looking out for your well-being, so be careful.

A good habit is to avoid being lazy and set time aside to prepare your meals the day before. Basically planning in advance prevents panic buys! Plus calculating calories and considering energy balance in advance assures me my weight will stay the same at the end of the week. I also do my best to stay discipline avoid the moments of weakness. One example is where I get impulsive and begin to think the cake behind the counter is a good idea whilst queuing for a coffee.

Why we eat?

Why we eat is a completely different issue. People are addicted to eating, eating, for eater’s is like alcohol for an alcoholic. After a hard day at work some people reach for the wine and others reach for the biscuit cupboard. These additional calories, over a period of time accumulate to weight gain. A solution to this problem is hard to find. But one thing for sure is the answer does not lie in a tablet, if it did, the issue would not exist and everyone would be slim and healthy.

Frankly due to the complexity of a person’s relationship with food, is the reason why dieticians study for years to earn a title of a dietician and qualify them to deal with people’s diets.

However it does not take a dietitian to work out a meal made up of potato, chicken and vegetables is better than a form of fast food. Applying this logic for days, weeks and months, the person who eats natural food in comparison to a person who eats fast food will be slimmer, healthier and likely happier. It’s fair to assume a lot of people are aware of this. But it’s also fair to assume not a lot of people practice healthy eating. Planning ahead and sticking to natural foods is the best way to eat healthy and coherent with the NHS’s expert’s advice, which if you visit their website has an abundance of information on healthy eating.