Group boxing session

Boxing training is one of many approaches towards fitness. It uses the principles of boxing during exercise. The benefits of boxing training are huge. Here are just a few benefits of boxing training.

It helps increase your fitness. This is due to the rate of punching you will do. Using your shoulders and arms as well as your legs makes it a full body workout. Boxing training places great demands on your body, in turn increasing your fitness.

It’s great for weight loss. Move it then lose it. During boxing training you are constantly moving during meaning you are burning lots of calories. Burning these calories at a high rate, contributes towards weight loss.

It’s great for stress relief. If you ever feel tense, as everyone does, boxing is a great way to relieve tension. Punch the tension out of you and after the session you will feel stress free!

Boxing training is great fun. Boxing classes are available: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:30-7:30pm. Alternatively you can take one to one boxing sessions. Enquire for more details!