With the festive season fast approaching, many people start to worry about their waistline and the damage Christmas can do. You see friends, family and go to the pub and three course meal follows three course meal, not to mention the chocolates, sweets and treats that seem to forever be lying around well into the New Year, just begging to be eaten. You’re offered drink after drink too and while the weather outside is frightful, a nice glass of something fizzy often goes down too well.

Fear not however, you can still enjoy all of this over Christmas and New Year and not feel guilty; get a few workouts done!

Something as simple as two to three sessions a week can burn those Christmas calories and ensure the pounds don’t pile on – it’s the best of both worlds.

In fairness though, it can be quite difficult to find the motivation to get out and hit the gym over Christmas and many opt to set New Year goals to lose weight.

Well here at Fitness Solutions we have the perfect solution to your troubles!

A personal trainer can help you stay motivated, encourage you to hit your goals and get fitter than ever before. We also offer a Boxing Training Camp that has many benefits to you. Learn the art of boxing while increasing fitness, toning up and also de-stressing; it’s a great way to get fit.

Classes run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings or you can even have one-on-on sessions personalised for you. We have a range of packages and prices for all here so you’re guaranteed to find the right option.

Simply head over to our Home page to find out more and get started!