So, why do we prolong returning and put obstacles in the way? Whether it’s your first time back or a lull in motivation from time to time everyone has moments where they can’t be bothered. The difference is in the doing. Actually creating the habit and going to the gym even for 10 minutes of low intensity exercise is better than not going at all. Deciding to not go often includes justifying it yourself by making big commitments and planning big sessions, but let’s face it, they never happen.

One thing to thing to watch out for is the anticipation of the gym session. This anticipation will have you talking yourself out of it and asking the question why and what are you training for? Suddenly you’ve trained enough this week, you deserve a rest or you’ll get injured. You have a lot to do today, go tomorrow instead. The fact of the matter is simply getting to the gym is half of the job. Always work through the rough patches.

Despite not wanting to, push yourself through and go! Then the emotions are a distant memory replaced with a replenished productive outlook.

Perfection only exists as an idea in our mind, there is no perfect way to start and any movement will contribute to the goal of getting fit again. So stop talking yourself out of it and make that first trip to the gym!